Prop 8 Alert: Today Could be the Day

Today’s the day. The appeal’s court is scheduled to reveal its decision on the fate of Prop 8, California’s ban on gay marriage. The chance to do the right thing is now in the Fed’s hands and the implications — of this case and any subsequent appeals to the full Supreme Court — will be huge across the country. Here’s hoping that this is the tipping point… one more step toward gay rights, civil rights, human rights. In general, toward what is right. Period.

Here’s a news clip from Thomas Reuters, which provides a good overview of the case.

By Carlyn Kolker
A decision in the gay-marriage case

What will you be doing at 10 am Pacific time (1 pm Eastern) on Tuesday?

Well, we know what we’ll be doing: clicking the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal’s website for a ruling on the so-called gay marriage case – the lawsuit over the constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8, which banned marriage between same-sex couples.

The appeals court announced on Monday that it would be issuing its much-anticipated opinion in the case (nice public service: few appeals courts tip the public when they’ll rule). As a student of legal events, we’re as much enjoying the pre-game show, as it were, as the real deal. We have already received an email from groups supporting gay marriage telling us what they’ll be doing for the Big Day (American Foundation for Equal Rights will be hosting three press conferences) although nothing as of this writing from Protect Marriage, which is opposed to gay marriage.

And then there is the barrage of tweets and stories from Summary Judgments’ fellow compatriots in the media, who remind us of the previous coverage about the epic trial, and the oh-so-many legal facets it showed, such as:

-A link to the oral arguments (which have to date received more than 14,000 views) of the appellate proceedings before the 9th Circuit, which were broadcast on C-span.

-A refresher on the argument over whether now-retired U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker could fairly oversee the trial; Walker, who ruled in favor of same-sex marriage advocates, later admitted publicly that he is gay.

-A guide to the key legal questions that will likely be addressed in Tuesday’s decision, presented by Metro Weekly, a Washington, DC-based gay-and-lesbian publication.

-An analysis from SCOTUSblog’s Lyle Denniston suggesting that the panel is likely to rule that Prop 8 is unconstitutional: “Given the makeup of the panel and the past records of the three judges, the chances would appear to be quite strong that Proposition 8 would be struck down,” writes Denniston.

-Summary Judgments admits we haven’t been as readily able to track down information from advocates of Prop 8. Maybe they’re doing a better job holding their breath. We promise to update throughout the day with reactions from both sides of the proverbial aisle.


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