The Hypocritical Hits Just Keep on Coming

The Santorums, oh the Santorums. Fighting with every fiber of their being to promote their agenda, their view of the world, their idea of what is moral and upstanding, and to move themselves into the White House so that they can mold the country according to their own views … dare I say in their own image?

Yet, cast some light on their past and there are signs of what they themselves would consider shortcomings, flaws…failures. Fine. Many of us have things in our past that we would change if we could have a “do over,” or just chalk them up to youth and stupidity. Not the Santorums. They just throw themselves full tilt into judging other people and spouting hateful, sometimes-half-truths about anyone who does not fit their new ideal, their new morality.

Mrs. Santorum, in addition to whining about her husband being bullied by the LGBT community for standing up against her husband’s hostile, and often untrue rhetoric, has her own past that’s not in alignment with the Santorums attacks on others (women, pro-choice, LGBT, etc.). Mrs. Santorum live d — unmarried (I think they’d say “in sin” if they were talking about us) — with the pro-choice medical doctor who delivered her. Her beau, incidentally, also happened to provide abortions.

Again, we all do things that make us later shake and heads and wonder what on earth we were thinking. And, frankly, I don’t really care whom Mrs. Santorum did what with and when, but start judging me — judging so many of us — and trying to legislate our behavior under some standard that hasn’t always applied to you? … Well, that kind of hypocrisy ticks me off and, I believe does not belong in our government. Yes, our government has become a hotbed of questionable behavior and hypocrisy — and I do always hope for more (and, yes, I participate) — but mean, hateful hypocrisy that singles out certain segments of our society to strip away hard-earned liberties, that’s something else entirely.

Perhaps the holy Santorums — yes, now I’m being snarky — should post
Matthew 7:5 on their bathroom mirror so they’ll see it every day: “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

This is a fascinating account of Mrs. Santorum’s relationship with some very interesting quotes and asides.


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