Newsworthy — Pulitzer Prizes for Great News

I know the rumblings are out there, about how the Pulitzer committee(s) passed over awards for fiction. But, any omissions, or perceived omissions, there were some really great choices this year.

The Philadelphia Inquirer team’s series on violence in Philadelphia’s schools is top notch. I had the privilege to participate in a live Twitter chat with one of the Inquirer reporters and they are clearly an exceptional — bright, passionate, dedicated, and concerned — group. And, the Jerry Sandusky case out of Penn State? Broken by a 24-year-old rookie journalist who knew that she was onto something important and remained committed to getting the facts. Of course, the editors for each of these winners (not all of whom were winners themselves) deserve a big thanks, too, for providing the support and encouragement to go forward with these important stories. So, check out the highlights below.

If there ever were examples of how important good reporting is, it’s these pieces … and examples of what we’ll be missing if newspapers go the way of the dinosaur (or the original Apples, for you techie folks of a certain age). And, kudos to all of these journalists and teams.


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