Fair-Weather Friends

When the solar-powered trash compactors arrived in Philadelphia, they seemed like a good idea to me. My only wish — and you can call me fussy or a germaphobe, or whatever — was that they automatically opened. The handles get pretty darned disgusting.

Then, I spotted one that had been placed under a tree, which, since it was early summer, had recently become leaf-covered. The can didn’t work so well in the shade, and I dubbed it the seasonal trash can.

In the past couple of days, (and I’ll confess that I hadn’t paid much attention along the way, so can’t really compare one year to another), I’ve noticed a few stuffed-to-overflowing bins. Do the systems wear out over time? Can a battery backup be added? Or, will we eventually only be able to throw trash out on sunny days? Egad!


About deb

Wandering and wondering - taking it all in -- and increasingly shaking my head. Who are we and how did we get to this here? And, what, where and how next? Putting what I see and think out there in pictures and always looking for other ways, hence, this blog. This blog, like me, is a work in process and still doesn't quite know what it wants to be when it grows up.
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