Insensitive (In)justice — Salt in the Wounds

New Jersey has done it again. After giving Darhun Ravi a slap on the wrist for his invasion of Tyler Clementi’s privacy and disregard for common rules of kindness and decency, Ravi’s leaving prison. Ten days early. For good behavior. If his 30-day sentence seemed (to me) more like punishment for getting caught behaving badly, allowing him to receive this credit and to walk early is punishment…with a wink, like “Yeah, we’re punishing you — we have to — but, honest, it won’t be that bad”.

Indeed it won’t. Tyler Clementi won’t be able to go home after 20 days. He won’t get to go back to his family to put this all behind him. He doesn’t get to start his life over.

So, while Ravi does all this — and, unfortunately, from all I’ve seen and read, I can’t help but believe that he has learned little and this will barely be a blip on his radar in the future — we all need to remember. We need to ensure that Tyler Clementi’s death and his family’s loss was not in vain. We need to remember Tyler Clementi. And all of the others. And to fight Ravi’s wherever we might encounter them. And to speak out against injustices toward our community — and toward anyone.

For Tyler Clementi, we must become better people and encourage our society to be better too.


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Wandering and wondering - taking it all in -- and increasingly shaking my head. Who are we and how did we get to this here? And, what, where and how next? Putting what I see and think out there in pictures and always looking for other ways, hence, this blog. This blog, like me, is a work in process and still doesn't quite know what it wants to be when it grows up.
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