A Wish for Parental Understanding and Support for All Children

Another must-read from CJ’s mom: Dear C.J.’s Kindergarten Teacher.

I’ve posted a couple of other pieces from Raising My Rainbow because I always find the words of C.J.’s mom touching, informative, inspiring and sometimes humorous, too.  This posting, a letter to C.J.’s new kindergarten teacher is no exception.  Add to that that it’s the kind of advocacy I wish every child had, and that it again touches upon what I think is missing in so many situations — kindness, compassion, courtesy and tolerance.  I love that C.J.’s mom advocates for her children, and advocates hard…and eloqueently.  May parents everywhere discover her words and, if they have children with “differences,” gather strength and inspiration from her, and for others to really hear her message and think about how we might all encourage children (and each other!) to develop the kindness, courtesy and tolerance she wishes for.  Such things could go a looong way toward improving how we treat each other and the outcome for future generations.

Think about the events of the past few years — shootings in high schools and colleges and far too many bullied children and teens taking their own lives — and think about if reaching out, being compassionate and tolerant, and, like C.J.’s mom, leading by example is really so hard.  I think probably not.  And, is it worthwhile?  I believe wholeheartedly that it is.

I’m usually not  one to attach quotes to messages or sprinkle them in Facebook posts and whatnot (though I’ve no problem with it; it’s just not my style), but Ghandi’s words seem particularly apropos:

If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.

It’s a simple theory — it starts with me.

Let’s try to practice it in our day-to-day lives.  Just imagine…

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