Another Parent Standing on the Right Side — The Side of His Child

It takes a strong parent, who’s secure in her or himself, to be there for their child, no matter what. And, in Germany, Nils Pickert is outwardly showing his security in himself, his “manhood” (in quotes because it means so many different things to different people, and because it can be so heavy with social constraints), and — above all — in his child’s right to freedom, safety, expression and happiness. Kudos to Mr. Pickert, and to all parents standing up for “different” children everywhere.


About deb

Wandering and wondering - taking it all in -- and increasingly shaking my head. Who are we and how did we get to this here? And, what, where and how next? Putting what I see and think out there in pictures and always looking for other ways, hence, this blog. This blog, like me, is a work in process and still doesn't quite know what it wants to be when it grows up.
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