Shop Small, Shop Local: Small Business Saturday

It’s hard to miss the ads if you watch TV at all, but easy enough to lose sight of them when they’re lost in an avalanche of ads for Black Friday (weekend) sales and holiday must-haves. It’s Small Business Saturday, sponsored by the not-so-small American Express. But, with the organizational effort and the amount of money spent on promoting local communities, I can forgive them their size.

Small Business Saturday has been around for a few years now, and it seems to be building steam — probably in no mall part due to the expansion of social media into the business community. It’s really a great idea, and, hopefully, it will continue to build momentum and become a regular prt of our shopping routine and not just reserved for the day after the day after Thanksgiving.

Here’s an abbreviated list of my favorite small businesses in Philadelphia (in no particular order):

Rittenhouse Hardware (
Rittenhouse Pet Supply (
Maxx’s grocery (255 S. 20th Street)
Sue’s Produce (114 S. 18th Street)
Nuts to You (
Almaz Cafe (
Erawan Thai Restaurant (
Monde Market (
Photo Lounge (
Tselaine (
Open House, Grocery, Barbuzzo (see the entire 13th Street family at
Mineralistic (
Fantes — 106 years young! (
Philly AIDS Thrift (
Benjamin Lovell Shoes (

And, don’t forget three of the best spots for small business shopping…and people watching:

Antiques Row — many shops; check them out at (a few of my favorites, though, are Blendo, Spirit of the Artist and Giovanni’s Room)
The Italian Market — check the directory at
Reading Terminal Market —

Uwishunu has a great list small businesses, so definitely take a look ( and, wherever you are in Philly and whatever you might be doing, explore the new and established small businesses. You never know what kinds of cool things you’ll find, and putting money back into where we live can never be a bad thing!


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