Privatization in PA — finally, someone making sense!

Finally, a sane — and logical — evaluation of Governor Corbett’s, and his GOP cronies’, plan to privatize Pennsylvania’s state-run liquor stores and to increase gaming in the state. Corbett, like his predecessor Ed Rendell, expects gambling and liquor to cure the state’s financial ills. And, their approach isn’t all that different: privatize liquor stores and allow the expansion of gambling to both create jobs and increase revenues.

To translate this into 99% English, this means allow a small number of wealthy folks, who already benefit from any number of loopholes and tax breaks in PA and continue to show that they’re anything but interested in creating real jobs, to take over liquor sales and expand the reach of the gaming industry. So, more low-wage, low-to-no benefit jobs and easier access to booze and gambling will cure what ails the state? I’m not even going to touch the job-creation myth right now. The fact that any number of casinos opened in the past few years, in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, have fared worse than expected should be enough to show that just adding more gambling — or more booze — won’t be enough to rescue the state economy. There are just now more places vying for the same number of gamblers. Or, fewer gamblers, if you consider the impact of the state’s already lousy economy and Corbett playing fast and loose with health care, insurance, jobs and public safety (cough…fracking…cough).

But, I suppose, if he’s doing okay — Corbett is the highest paid governor in the U.S. — and his pals are doing well, and still happy to support him and attend events for him, then having the rest of the state depend on their “largess” must be the right thing to do. [Insert sarcasm button here.]


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