Here. And There.

Yo, Philly! It’s almost time to vote. And, as cheeky as I’ve been on this page, it is vital that we all get out and vote; the issues are very real and very important. Just as Governor Corbett has tried to sway the vote toward Mitt Rmoney with his voter ID attempt, and just as he has made disproportionate cuts to funding for women’s health programs and those for the poor, it is possible that the entire nation could go in that direction as a result of the upcoming presidential election.

Get the facts about the issues. Know how to vote. Know where to vote. Know when to vote. A good place to start looking for the facts and information you’ll need is with the Committee of Seventy. They even have a hotline for pressing questions!

Saving Pennsylvania’s voters from “corruption”?

Saving the Russians from “hooligans”?



3 Responses to Here. And There.

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  3. MaryAnne Lyons says:

    Oh no, not the shirtless, gun-totin’ Putin! My eyes! My eyes!

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