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Yo, Mr. Corbett, Mr. Nutter: Stop Messing with Our City’s Future

Originally posted on Streets Dept:
(Image via Fight for Philly) Fund our schools… Fund Our Schools… FUND OUR SCHOOLS!

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Children Should Not Be a Debate

I’ve reposted and commented on posts from Raising My Rainbow, by Lori about her family and her gender-noncoforming son, C.J. It’s a wonderfully written — funny, touching, informative — chronicle of their day-to-day journey and the hurdles they face (and … Continue reading

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Ben + Matthew’s Wedding Registry

Originally posted on Work in Progress:
Ben and I will be getting married in a few weeks and set up our Wedding Registry at MyRegistry.com. With our upcoming move to Okinawa, we don’t have much need for many things. We are, however,…

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Connecting the Dots Beautifully: Same Love

One of the most touching and beautiful songs I’ve heard in a while. Play it from the rooftops, play it for the kids. Play it for anyone and everyone who will listen. Call me preachy, if you will. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Keep It Up, Raising My Rainbow Turns Two

Reflections: Raising My Rainbow Turns Two It’s impressive when a bog lasts for two years; it’s especially impressive when as well-written, informative and, above all, touching and inspirational as Raising My Rainbow reaches such a milestone.  My hope for Raising … Continue reading

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Michigan Does It Again. And Not in a Good Way

http://thinkprogress.org/health/2012/12/12/1326581/michigan-extreme-abortion-ban/?mobile=wp Oh, in the wake of Michigan’s union-busting vote, the state’s right-wing extremists have renewed their focus on attacking women’s health rights. The legislation is one of the most restrictive and, in my opinion hateful and ridiculous, abortion packages around. … Continue reading

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