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Yo, Mr. Corbett, Mr. Nutter: Stop Messing with Our City’s Future

Originally posted on Streets Dept:
(Image via Fight for Philly) Fund our schools… Fund Our Schools… FUND OUR SCHOOLS!

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Fiscal Reform in Philly

An eye-opening piece by Patrick Kerkstra in PlanPhilly. Fiscal reform in Philadelphia faces a taxing problem

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North Carolina, Think TWICE Before You Vote

You could be voting to legalize discrimination against your family, your neighbors and your friends…and maybe someday yourself. Be careful what you wish for.  Be even more careful what you vote for. Get the word out about N. Carolina’s defense of … Continue reading

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This Just In: Warren Buffet on “Class Warfare”

Warren Buffet said that if — per Romney and some of the other GOP candidates and supporters — IF this is class warfare, then his side “has the nuclear bomb.”

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AlterNet’s Five Food Stories of 2011

This is definitely worth a read — from USDA failures that are disturbing, but not all that surprising, to the surprising and (dare I say) plain gross. If we are what we eat…(shudder) http://www.alternet.org/newsandviews/article/755867/5_outrageous_food_stories_of_2011/

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Apps and Taxes: A Means to an End for Jeff Bezos

Apparently, Jeff Bezos’ Amazon empire is not enough. And, he’ll do whatever it takes ’til it is. He’s announced that he wants to pay more taxes — for the purely non-altruistic reason that it will help the economy and the … Continue reading

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